The Big Bang never happened – so what did?

Introduction by Asia Times Science Editor Jonathan Tennenbaum In September Eric Lerner created a sensation with his Asia Times article, “Saying goodbye to the Big Bang,” arguing that the Big Bang theory is contradicted by an overwhelming mass of astronomical evidence accumulated over decades, including recent data from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The data forced … Read more

Hubble glitch renews talk of private service mission

WASHINGTON — A problem with the Hubble Space Telescope has renewed debate over whether and how NASA might approve a private mission to strengthen and possibly repair the spacecraft. NASA announced on November 29 that Hubble was in safe mode due to a problem with one of its three operational gyroscopes. That gyro first triggered … Read more

7 Signs Your Partner’s Difficult Childhood Still Affects Them Today

We live in a time where our current mental health is finally getting the attention it deserves. But it is equally important to understand the effect of our past, especially our childhood, on our present lives. This is especially true in relationships. Sometimes the tough times a person went through as a child can still … Read more

How long will the earth exist?

Today, the sun is an important source of gravity and energy. But one day it will cause the end of the earth. As the Solar systems central stellar ages, its life cycle will eventually consume our blue marble. So how long The earth have until the planet is swallowed by the sun? Expected time of … Read more

A super solar storm shook the earth in 1872. They are more common than you think.

Comment on this storyComment Add your saved stories Save Around 11:30 PM on 4 February 1872, the sky above Jacobabad suddenly brightened, as if a portal to heaven had opened. A passerby watched in amazement and horror as a dog went motionless and then trembled. The divine radiance transformed, from red to light blue to … Read more