SUNDAY PUZZLE —Will Shortz, in his printed introduction to this grid, writes: “Tracy Bennett is the digital puzzle editor for The Times. She manages Wordle and helps with the Crossword. In this themeless puzzle, she took a bold grid pattern with lots of white squares and placed a marquee answer in each corner—“something new or … Read more

How long will the earth exist?

Today, the sun is an important source of gravity and energy. But one day it will cause the end of the earth. As the Solar systems central stellar ages, its life cycle will eventually consume our blue marble. So how long The earth have until the planet is swallowed by the sun? Expected time of … Read more

BTC price nears $40,000 as Bitcoin trader eyes return to all-time high

Bitcoin (BTC) held close to the $40,000 mark on December 3 after weekend gains reinforced a “strong” uptrend. BTC/USD 1 hour chart. Source: TradingView Bitcoin leaves $60 million in shorts hanging Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView tracked a new BTC price rally, which took BTC/USD to new 2023 highs of $39,730. These built … Read more

A super solar storm shook the earth in 1872. They are more common than you think.

Comment on this storyComment Add your saved stories Save Around 11:30 PM on 4 February 1872, the sky above Jacobabad suddenly brightened, as if a portal to heaven had opened. A passerby watched in amazement and horror as a dog went motionless and then trembled. The divine radiance transformed, from red to light blue to … Read more

A millennial millionaire on how he thinks about money and stops himself from “obsessing” about it

brightstars/GettyImages Don, 43, is a self-made millionaire who used to put enormous pressure on himself to make more money. He said even a six-figure salary can quickly disappear with taxes, child expenses and a mortgage. He now focuses on other things in his life, like his children, which bring him more happiness than wealth ever … Read more